Welcome to the Virtual Card Sort

This virtual card sort has been created as a tool to help individuals in their career decision making process. This is a research tool, and by choosing to engage in the card sort, I agree to complete the pre and post surveys, and agree that this data may be used for research purposes.

The virtual card sort (VCS) is made up of 36 cards, equally representing 6 different types of occupations. These are all occupations identified by onetonline.org as having a “bright outlook,” expected to grow rapidly in the upcoming years, or having many job openings. The VCS is not a comprehensive or validated career assessment, but is meant to serve as a springboard for consideration of various career options. The VCS report, downloaded at the end of the VCS, attempts to enhance your understanding of your results with instructions on how to understand your results, identifying questions to reflect upon and next steps to consider.

Thank you for your interest in the VCS, and we hope you find the experience meaningful.

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